You play a unique and crucial role in nurturing and guiding your child’s development.
Too often however, fathers are marginalized in their role as parent, seen as lacking the emotional intelligence (EI) needed to offer the proper support or guidance to their children.

Experts now know that men can be just as nurturing and sensitive to babies as women. Some are even more. When you know and accept the truth of who you are, you will instinctively parent in a loving, accepting and supportive way allowing the father-child partnership to become an experience of mutual self-evolution.

Did you know that children who have fathers who are emotionally honest and open score higher on EI tests? They also seem to have better relationships with other children and behave less aggressively. Mothers don’t seem to have the same impact influencing emotional regulation. Imagine.

Your daughters learn about men from you.
Your sons learn how to be men from you.

Your children need and deserve you to be actively involved and interested in knowing who they are as they grow — not on the periphery, and you deserve the deep personal connection and rewards that parenting brings.