Consider that parents are tasked with raising individuals that are the stewards of life on earth — to be loving, productive custodians of themselves, one another and the planet — an enormous and humbling responsibility.  When you look from this larger perspective, is there any job more important than parenting?

Parenting is also the most demanding of all jobs: to practice patience, empathy and compassion, to be clear and consistent in action and speech and to know when to stand firm and when to bend – all when our most painful and unpleasant emotions are so deeply and powerfully evoked.

We can only be the parent our children need and deserve when we know and accept the person we are .  Successful parenting requires that we become more conscious adults.

Parenting is a privilege.  Our children come to us whole and worthy.  As parents, we must be in partnership with them. We must summon the courage and vulnerability to support and encourage  our children to grow into the unique young adults they are meant to be.

Parenting can, and should be, a wondrous life experience.

Can you envision a partnership allowing your child, and you, the mutual journey of self-evolution?

Conscious parenting is essential.