Presence, understanding, empathy, honesty, patience, humor, guidance  challenge, encouragement and accessibility.

A safe place for tears, laughter, connection, comfort, exhaustion, and relief.

An environment where anger, shame, guilt, loneliness, fear, embarrassment, confusion, insecurity, powerlessness, disappointment, doubt and despair are free to be acknowledged.

A place where technology cannot intrude.

A space where creativity, pride, excitement, hope, calmness, confidence and courage will blossom.

A unique experience.

Therapy is much more effective when you will allow for the painful feelings you’ve spent a lifetime avoiding, to arise — when you know there is someone there to reach out to as you build internal strength.

In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, I encourage phone and text connections when you feel the need. Once we are acquainted, I am also open to house calls.

I hold no expectations from you other than for you to show up as scheduled.